Every week, ReaderLink distributes hundreds of thousands of books to over 100,000 retail outlets. We have six strategically-located distribution centers across the U.S., spanning a total of almost 65 acres. ReaderLink ships as often as daily, using our proprietary freight consolidation and delivery network, or via standard ground shipping. Within two business days, we can reach any retail store in America.

As part of our dedication to quality and efficiency, we use the most modern technology. At our distribution centers, you can find voice-directed picking, radio frequency scanners, high-speed sortation equipment, automated return processing, and sophisticated quality control. Our Six Sigma-based processes ensure that your orders are filled correctly on time, every time.


ReaderLink’s proprietary SMART RETURNS program is a strategic advantage that provides valuable services to publishers.

The program provides publishers the ability to choose between three automatic sorts, Full-Copy Return, Hold for Pickup by Remainder Partner, or Destroy on Site. These sorts can be identified at the title level, allowing publishers the flexibility to choose the appropriate disposition for each title in their catalog. In doing so, the SMART RETURNS program reduces the need for freight back to the publishers, saving money, reducing carbon emissions, and takes unnecessary shipments out of a strained supply-chain. Additionally, SMART RETURNS reduces duplicative publisher handling and processing costs and provides faster, less burdensome, reconciliations.

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Full-Copy Returns

Traditional returns process of full copies returned to directly to the publisher.

Destroy on Site

Affidavit return and ReaderLink destroys publisher selected titles in its returns centers.

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Hold for Remainder

Affidavit return and ReaderLink holds titles for the Remainder buyer selected by the publisher.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

Our cutting-edge, white-label, direct to consumer book fulfillment platform makes shopping effortless for your customers. We offer great prices on a wide assortment of books that your customers can easily buy through your company’s website. All the customer-facing elements, such as the packing list, shipping labels, and more, will reflect your brand identity.

To provide continuity between your in-store and online platforms, ReaderLink can help you develop exciting cross-channel promotions. Our vast resources help you improve sales, lower your costs, speed up shipping, and delight your online customers.

ReaderLink employees packing orders at the warehouse
Employees prepare cardboard boxes in preparation for shipping
ReaderLink employee preparing packaging
ReaderLink employees packing boxes at the warehouse