Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To improve our communities through advancing literacy and promoting reading for education and for entertainment.

Our Mission

To delight readers by collaborating with authors, publishers and retailers to bring relevant, curated content to market.

Respectful to our Company, our colleagues and our business partners.

  • We live the golden rule.
  • We respect diversity of people, thoughts and experience.
  • We attack issues, not people.
  • We communicate with honesty and transparency, but without malice.

Empowered to do the right things.

  • We are responsible, but entrepreneurial.
  • We prioritize our focus, our efforts and our resources.
  • We believe in seeking knowledge as empowerment.
  • We replicate things that work and change things that don’t.

Accountable for outcomes.

  • We act ethically and with honesty.
  • We are professional in our conduct, our appearance and in how we represent the Company.
  • We accept responsibility for our decisions, our actions and our inactions.
  • We celebrate our wins and we learn from our losses.

Dedicated to the success of our Company, our colleagues and our business partners.

  • We promote and celebrate the success of others.
  • We are holistic; the greater good outweighs personal impact.
  • We are dedicated to quality and urgency.
  • We are dedicated to our communities by giving back through charity and volunteerism.