Who We Are

At ReaderLink, our mission is to delight readers all around the world with the best works from leading authors and publishers. Established in 2011, ReaderLink has acquired multiple distributors in the past decade to become the largest full-service book distributor in North America. ReaderLink reaches 99% of the U.S. population every week and sells one-third of all printed trade books.

In today’s market, we know that people buy books beyond the traditional bookstore. ReaderLink services all kinds of retailers, curating the perfect collection of books to resonate with a variety of shoppers. From chain retailers to specialty stores, we get books into the hands of readers around the world. To enable this global reach, ReaderLink has retail partners in the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, as well as in U.S. military installations.

Book shelves

ReaderLink has six U.S. distribution centers and supplies over 100,000 stores. In two days or less, our shipments can reach anywhere in the United States. When we combine our facilities with our ability to forecast store distributions, bookshelves never go empty. ReaderLink assists partners by designing a fully customized book program to ensure sale opportunities never pass by.

ReaderLink’s passion for reading is exemplified by the ReaderLink Cares initiative. We have donated over $8 million in books to help foster the love of reading in local communities. ReaderLink has also raised and donated millions of dollars to support reading and literacy.

Now more than ever, we must continue to empower the future generation of readers. It is our job to provide content to customers – whether it means supplying books by a new favorite author or stocking grocery store checkouts with popular bestsellers, ReaderLink does it all.

ReaderLink’s publishing division, Printers Row Publishing Group, is a top 10 U.S. trade publisher and for more than 30 years has captivated readers with interactive children’s books, activity kits, adult reference books, and classic literature. With a portfolio of award-winning authors and talented designers and illustrators, Printers Row Publishing Group aims to keep the love of reading alive for readers of all ages with fresh, inspiring content produced across its six brands.

Canterbury Classics Logo
Canterbury Classics
Canterbury Classics publishes classic works of literature in fresh, modern formats.
Dreamtivity Logo
Dreamtivity publishes innovative arts & crafts products for all ages that are sure to entertain!
Portable Press Logo
Portable Press
Portable Press publishes fun trivia and reference books for the whole family.
Silver Dolphin Books Logo
Silver Dolphin Books
Silver Dolphin Books publishes award-winning activity, novelty, and educational books for children.
Studio Fun International Logo
Studio Fun International
Studio Fun International produces engaging and educational books and books-plus products for kids of all ages.
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Thunder Bay Press
Thunder Bay Press brings information to life with highly visual reference books and interactive activity books and kits.