Marketing & Promotions

The hard work of getting a book into the hands of readers all comes down to a reliable and effective marketing plan. To help optimize your book sales, ReaderLink offers a variety of marketing and product selection services.

Title Curation

Our Product Managers, Sales and Category Management teams collaborate with senior-level publisher representatives. We work with over 400 different publishers to review and evaluate thousands of new titles. Together, we discuss release timing, cover art, marketing plans, and other essential elements. This leads to successful sales in our various retail channels. Our goal is to curate the best assortment possible for each storefront.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) System technology evaluates title viability based on comparative title Point of Sale (POS) data from individual stores. Product Managers provide adjustments based on current sales trends, media events, format, and other factors. Syndicated data sources, such as Bookscan, the USA Today, and the New York Times bestseller list, are also closely monitored.

Walmart bookshelf

Sales Promotion

By coordinating with publishers, ReaderLink supports retailer promotional activity and advertising. We help to develop movie tie-in opportunities, media-driven events, seasonal promotions, and other offerings. In addition, we work with publisher partners to produce winning promotions on behalf of their retail customers. These can include custom products, specialized assortments, tailored displays, advertising, display support, and more. ReaderLink can also work with your team to plan and execute in-store author signings and other exciting store events.

Proprietary Product

Our Printers Row Publishing Group subsidiary leverages ReaderLink’s data visibility and vast resources to assist our accounts in identifying opportunity gaps that can be addressed through development of bespoke product. Printers Row has a robust product development platform that can be used to develop unique book products that fill these opportunity gaps and deliver a solid value proposition to your customers.

Take advantage of our national reach and substantial resources and let us go to work for you!

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